You wanna know who we are?

We are just a group gym enthusiasts. We are male and female and we all share a passion: training! Togehter we have over 30 years of experience. We have assembled a lot of knowledge about training and nutrition. Now we want to share it with you. We are not certified personal trainers or nutritionists, but we did a lot of self-education and research. We have kept touch with a lot of very experienced athletes, some of them are also professionals. 

Why did we start "Daily Gains"?

The whole idea behing Daily Gains is not only to offer free workouts to everyone, but to build a community. Not everyone has the knowledge nor the ideas to design his/her own workout programme. Following the same routine gets boring and you lose motivation. We want to make your workouts as fun as possible. We want you to feel excited about every workout and to look forward to them. This is also the idea behind the daily updates. So you can’t see what awaits you the following day, week or month. You also can’t see what you did yesterday or last week, unless you save it or take a screenshot. The long-term plan is to build a community of thousands, possibly millions of gym-goers. In the future we want to build an app where you can find people near you, who also follow our workouts,so you can train together. Once we reach thousands of regular visitors and followers on social media, we intend to create a group where everyone can exchange their experience and opinions. This will boost each and everyones motivation. Togehter we can make some serious GAINS!

Do you want to support us?

There is an easy way to support as. Simply visit our website daily. Recommend as to your friends, if you wan’t them to get some gains. Or recommend us to your enemies, if you wan’t the to suffer during some intense workouts. In the future we want to over you more specific workout depending on your goals, for example for muscle growth, fat loss, athleticism or sheer health.